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All other Insurance is considered “Out of Network”  including, but not limited to, Cigna, Aetna, United, Humana, MDWise, Indiana Healthy Plan, Hoosier Healthwise, Medicare, & Medicaid.

For patients with Insurance other than Anthem, you are expected to pay in full for your office visit and file your own insurance claim.  Depending on your "Out of Network benefits", will receive reimbursement from your insurance company after your claim is filed. Every patient's "Out of Network" benefits are different, check with your insurance company.

We encourage all patients to call their insurance carrier (800# on the back of insurance card) PRIOR to making your appointment to receive reimbursement information. It is your insurance's responsibility to clarify and explain patient benefits. 


All Patients are required to keep an active credit/debit/ HSA card on file with our office at all times.

Established Patients (Non-Anthem) Two Options:

  1. Pay in full at the time of booking appointment
  2. Pay in full the day of your visit

New Patients (Non-Anthem) are required to pay 24 hours in advance when scheduling their appointment.  Patients are required to agree to this office policy when signing the Fee Form (under Required Forms).


(Non-Anthem Patients)

New Patient Visit $230.00 (50-60 min)
Established Patient Visit (follow up appt) $175.00 (20-30 min)
Extended Patient Visit $190.00 (30-40 min)
Add on charges for increase complexity of visit $65.00, $85.00, $95.00

**Fees are based on:
Complexity of Visit and not necessarily scheduled time. The following are examples of Increased Complexity of a Patient's Office Visit:

  1. Additional Counseling and/or Education is given (outside of the expected treatment protocol)
  2. Parents accompany a child and/or adult child (over the age of 18)
  3. The Patient requires an interpreter (Patient's responsibility to bring own interpreter)
  4. Parents/Spouse/Family member have multiple questions-requiring extra time
  5. Patient has complex medical/mental health history requiring extra time
  6. Provider must consult with another provider (therapist, physician, hospital, family member, etc.) in order to administer safe, appropriate, effective treatment.
  7. Patient does not complete Patient History Data Form prior to appointment (does not bring completed form to first visit).
  8. Patient/Parent or Family Member requests provider to write letter (For Disability, Employment, School, Attorney, or other).
  9. All forms such as FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act), Disability, Employment, etc., require extra time and fee will be based on time and complexity.
  10. Ordering & Interpretation of Saliva Testing, Neurotransmitter Testing, Genetic Testing- **Reimbursement not covered by most insurances.